A Proposal for Unity Theater…

Bringing together our wonderfully diverse society as a whole, and celebrating our existence as a world of unique people with varying life experiences, perspectives and opinions about what to do to make the world a better place, Unity Theater provides valuable tools for self-expression and is a catalyst for social change, growth and healing.  By engaging everyone in a social attunement experience through civic dialogue and the arts leading us all to take collective community action, Unity Theater invigorates a true sense of what it means to live in a democracy.

Evidence-based practices in the field of psychology and psychotherapy support Unity Theater as we form interpersonal bonds to empower us and move us out of isolation as individuals and as members of solitary cultural groups, while we may also be led to take pride in our cultural identities.  With use of the arts, we employ our voices and our bodies to connect with the divine spark inside each of us, to reclaim our personal power, our joy, our connection with all humanity, and our commitment to the life of the whole planet.  Unity Theater is a colorful, musical, magical, mystical ride with spiritually-engaging underpinnings and a core of ethics, where audience members participate in a ritual theater and dialogue process interweaving spoken word, storytelling, visual arts, singing, movement, drawing, writing, meditation, chanting and breathing, mindfulness and therapeutic exercises for our own healing, empowerment and evolution. 

As a most significant vehicle for bringing about hope and positivity, awareness of our interdependence, a sense of community, human harmony, social justice, forgiveness and reconciliation, as well as joy, peace, and love leading to an increased consciousness of unity in our lifetimes, Unity Theater provides a sacred atmosphere in which we may all connect with the source of light inside each one of us and be encouraged to shine that light for everyone to witness.  Unity Theater is something we build together.  It is like a mobile sanctuary in which our hearts join and make it possible to reach the stars.  Each one of us has unique gifts and a personal contribution to make to this effort that will benefit the collective whole. 

Unity Theater expresses the deep yearning in all of us to be felt, heard, seen, and acknowledged.  It also allows us to be connected with, understood, apologized to, respected, loved, and forgiven.  Offering a safe and welcoming space for healing for people of all faiths, races, sexual orientations, socioeconomic classes, genders, physical and mental abilities, employment and/or student statuses, educational levels, ethnicities, sizes, ages, nationalities, languages, political affiliations, etc., Unity Theater invites bonding, learning and teaching each other about ourselves and our perspectives on living in the world as members of various cultural groups.  As we sing, chant, and pray together, a “them” melts quickly into an “us” and an “other” quickly turns into a “we”.

The duration of Unity Theater is approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours as a performance, although it may be adapted for a longer duration such as a day-long workshop or weekend-long training seminar focused on building bonds of unity through the arts.  It may also be adapted for audiences of various sizes and various types of venues.  No two performances will ever be identical as the audience will tell unique stories and share unique concerns at every performance.  However, it is hoped that a bigger picture will emerge regarding which are the salient issues for each group and how we will work on them together nationally and globally.  It is hoped that Unity Theater will be performed in communities and civic centers all over the country as well as the globe.  These communities will come together to participate in performances and will continue to remain connected with Unity Theater and the bigger picture so that we may collectively solve the problems affecting all of us.